Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bah Humbug!

It is the holiday season!
(Please scroll down to my music player and change the song to the grinch before continuing).

I would like you all to meet my husband Trevor.

Trevor HATES the holidays... even Thanksgiving! (Who hates Thanksgiving?!) I, who am a holiday lover, have to survive each holiday season living with the grinch who would love to steal Christmas so that it never returns.

But I must say he looks pretty good in green...

We, well actually I, would like to wish you all happy holidays!! Enjoy them whether you live with a Grinch or not!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back to the 50's

This past Wednesday I took my Ultrasound physics boards and passed!! I wanted to have something fun planned with my family to celebrate having it over with. We decided to do a How to Host a Murder Dinner set in the 1950's. This seemed to be the perfect theme for our family, since we are into old cars, oldies music, and almost anything vintage!

The scene was set at a malt shop, so we decorated my mom's kitchen to look like a 50's diner complete with Elvis as the background music.

Everyone was assigned a character. Some of the descriptions seemed to fit perfectly and everyone else played their character to the fullest.

Dad's character was Joseph K. Awledge ("Joe College") he was the business man and manager of the murder victim.

Mom's character was Prisilla E. Teene ("Pristeen") she was a valedictorian and little miss smarty pants. My mom took this character and played it right up.

Nate was Richard C. Alctrient ("Rickalictrient" meaning rebellious. Nate preffered to be called Dick however). Rick was a guitarist who was in the band with the murder victim. His character description read "he liked both his cars and women fast and hot... we thought this fit Nate to a tee."

Lisa's character was Evelyn C. Leigh ("E.C. Leigh") and fit perfectly with the blond wig she chose to wear! She was a cheerleader who had a child with the murder victim.

Ryan's character for the night was Delbert Toydes ("Deltoids"). He was the star sport hero of the highschool.

Tenille was the sweet but slightly evil Penelope Loafer ("Penny Loafer"). She was the murder victims twin sister and heir to her fathers fortune.

Cory was Calvin Q. Layder ("Calculator"). He was the genious as well as the class clown. He ended up being the mystery murderer! Dun dun dun...

I was Dierde(Dee) C. Deucer ("Seducer"). I was the ex girlfriend of the victim and an undercover FBI agent.

It was such a fun night and we all ended having a lot of fun! It was a great way to get in the Halloween spirit, and we have begun a new tradition.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Fluffy Child

Our dog is an Alaskan Malamute whose name is Chena. Chena is not so much a dog.. but mine and Trevor's child. I have never been an animal person, but our fluffy monster has us wrapped around her paw. Here are the top ten reasons Chena is more like our child than a pet.

#10:We spend way more on her at the grocery store than we do on our groceries.

#9: When Trevor is home and sitting at the computer, Chena jumps right on his lap. For a normal, small dog this is normal.. however for our huge ball of fluff, this is quite the phenomenon. Trevor taught Chena to do this, but was wishing he hadn't when he had poison oak. :)

#8: If Chena is wound up from not enough attention, Trevor will take her on a ride in the jeep around town to calm her down.

#7: Chena is like a bully/spoiled child. She has figured just how to be a little stinker. She will ignore a toy for months until Josh's (Trev's brother) dog Nala is interested in that toy. All of the sudden it's Chena's favorite toy. She has also found that if she gets a running start to jumping on me, it will knock me over.

#6: Chena often ends up in our bed in the middle of the night.... right smack in-between Trevor and I.

#5: On Christmas Chena not only gets presents from us, but from both sets of grandparents. Trevor's mom even made her a blanket one year.

#4: When she does something bad, Trevor's excuse for not getting after her is, "but look at that face!"

#3: When we end up grabbing fast food, we have to get extra hamburger for Chena. She usually ends up with a kids meal, complete with the toy. :)

#2: It is a rough start to the morning if I do not pour her a bowl of cereal while I am having my breakfast. And don't even think about giving her dry cereal unless you want a very angry dog.

#1: If she doesn't get her way, she can throw a mean temper tantrum. These tantrums include throwing herself onto her back and kicking her arms and legs while yelling. This is true... just ask the dog trainer. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Las Vegas 2009

I'm new to the blogging world...but I guess you have to keep up with the Jones' sometime!
I just returned from Las Vegas on a little get-away with my sister, Tenille. We went for just two days, but packed it with about four days worth of fun and laughs!

Cory flew down to St. George with Tenille and we went to Village Inn for a great greasy start to the day!

Here are the top ten things I learned from my trip to Vegas:

10. Never go to Vegas without three containers of Bear Mace, a compass, walking shoes, a map, and camera.

9. Understand that there will be plenty of men there who are wearing more pink than you, and it is DEFINATELY a competition of who can wear it better

8. If you are in Vegas, at a Cantina then yes, your waiter will give you a tongue lashing for not ordering a drink

7. If you are sober and you walk into a womens restroom and see a man in there questioning why you are there... remind him that you are the sober one and HE is the one in the wrong bathroom. But wait until he is finished urinating if he is already in the process

6. If you are embarrased just taking pictures by the Chippendales posters then it's probably best not to go to the actual show!

5. If you act like you're 5, it doesn't matter if you're drinking or not... people will assume you are drunk.

4.Never go to Vegas to get away from men... because you will only come home more irritated and skeptical of any sort of staring

3. Don't try and buy condoms from a restroom vending machine just because they are funny... the gas station will be completely out of them.

2.Under no circumstances should you accept a marriage proposal from an old man, even if he mentions "8 billion dollars"

1.If you purchase comedy tickets that require you to be over the age of 18... realize that its perfectly acceptable for the comedian to wear nothing but tighty-whitey underwear and thrust his "junk" in your face.
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