Thursday, August 13, 2009

Las Vegas 2009

I'm new to the blogging world...but I guess you have to keep up with the Jones' sometime!
I just returned from Las Vegas on a little get-away with my sister, Tenille. We went for just two days, but packed it with about four days worth of fun and laughs!

Cory flew down to St. George with Tenille and we went to Village Inn for a great greasy start to the day!

Here are the top ten things I learned from my trip to Vegas:

10. Never go to Vegas without three containers of Bear Mace, a compass, walking shoes, a map, and camera.

9. Understand that there will be plenty of men there who are wearing more pink than you, and it is DEFINATELY a competition of who can wear it better

8. If you are in Vegas, at a Cantina then yes, your waiter will give you a tongue lashing for not ordering a drink

7. If you are sober and you walk into a womens restroom and see a man in there questioning why you are there... remind him that you are the sober one and HE is the one in the wrong bathroom. But wait until he is finished urinating if he is already in the process

6. If you are embarrased just taking pictures by the Chippendales posters then it's probably best not to go to the actual show!

5. If you act like you're 5, it doesn't matter if you're drinking or not... people will assume you are drunk.

4.Never go to Vegas to get away from men... because you will only come home more irritated and skeptical of any sort of staring

3. Don't try and buy condoms from a restroom vending machine just because they are funny... the gas station will be completely out of them.

2.Under no circumstances should you accept a marriage proposal from an old man, even if he mentions "8 billion dollars"

1.If you purchase comedy tickets that require you to be over the age of 18... realize that its perfectly acceptable for the comedian to wear nothing but tighty-whitey underwear and thrust his "junk" in your face.


Tenille said...

i totally just relived the trip! It was really fun and my stomach still hurts from laughing so much! Your blog looks good!!

Prestwich lovebirds said...

you have no idea how many mental pictures flashed in my head during your post....loved everyone of them too. GO VEGAS!!!!

Brian/Kasey said...

Yipee! You didn't mention you had a blog! Luckily I'm nosy and found it from Tenille's.

Jason & Lacee said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (this is dave)

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