Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back to the 50's

This past Wednesday I took my Ultrasound physics boards and passed!! I wanted to have something fun planned with my family to celebrate having it over with. We decided to do a How to Host a Murder Dinner set in the 1950's. This seemed to be the perfect theme for our family, since we are into old cars, oldies music, and almost anything vintage!

The scene was set at a malt shop, so we decorated my mom's kitchen to look like a 50's diner complete with Elvis as the background music.

Everyone was assigned a character. Some of the descriptions seemed to fit perfectly and everyone else played their character to the fullest.

Dad's character was Joseph K. Awledge ("Joe College") he was the business man and manager of the murder victim.

Mom's character was Prisilla E. Teene ("Pristeen") she was a valedictorian and little miss smarty pants. My mom took this character and played it right up.

Nate was Richard C. Alctrient ("Rickalictrient" meaning rebellious. Nate preffered to be called Dick however). Rick was a guitarist who was in the band with the murder victim. His character description read "he liked both his cars and women fast and hot... we thought this fit Nate to a tee."

Lisa's character was Evelyn C. Leigh ("E.C. Leigh") and fit perfectly with the blond wig she chose to wear! She was a cheerleader who had a child with the murder victim.

Ryan's character for the night was Delbert Toydes ("Deltoids"). He was the star sport hero of the highschool.

Tenille was the sweet but slightly evil Penelope Loafer ("Penny Loafer"). She was the murder victims twin sister and heir to her fathers fortune.

Cory was Calvin Q. Layder ("Calculator"). He was the genious as well as the class clown. He ended up being the mystery murderer! Dun dun dun...

I was Dierde(Dee) C. Deucer ("Seducer"). I was the ex girlfriend of the victim and an undercover FBI agent.

It was such a fun night and we all ended having a lot of fun! It was a great way to get in the Halloween spirit, and we have begun a new tradition.


Brian/Kasey said...

Congratulations on passing your test! I can't believe how well the characters fit your family!

Tenille said...

Very fun time! Thanks again for planning it!!

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