Friday, December 24, 2010

It's The Holiday Season...

Happy Holiday's everyone!

Trevor and I hosted our first ever party this year with our Hot Shots and Hot Shot Honey friends.

Our friends came in their best and worst Christmas attire (I give you the option as I offended the lady who worked at Walmart while I was buying my sweater).

We ate lots of awesome food, and then of course came the white elephant gifts...
Our white elephant gifts consisted of whips, bedazzlers, and hand made t-shirts.

Trev and I both ended up with pajama's per Pam and Stew. These are no ordinary pajamas..these are the ones we used to wear as kids that have the feet on them. I never thought I would see the day that Trevor raced to the bedroom to put on Eeyore pajamas to model for everyone. But it happened and I can prove it:

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vegas Ultrasound Conference with a Little Extra! my co-worker Nancy

Nancy and I are two of the five ultrasound techs at our hospital. We recently went to an ultrasound conference down in Vegas. We learned a lot at our conference, but the real life lessons happened outside of the conference :) Let me explain...

Vegas Life Lesson #1: No matter how cool the hotel is, it is definately not going to be the most interesting thing you see in Vegas... (even if there is a Rat Rod in the hotel)

Vegas Life Lesson #2: Waiting too long to eat will cause you to order a sandwich as big as your head... but you're hungry so you will finish it without question as to why you are letting your friend take pictures of the mermaid behind you

Vegas Life Lesson #3: don't think you are being nice by telling your friend to take a picture with the guy in costume because he will charge her for doing so

Vegas Life Lesson #4: If a guy asks you, "Hey if I get fired from my job can I hang out with you guys all day?!" Don't casually answer, "Sure". This will only cause him to yell, "I quit! I quit!"

Vegas Life Lesson #5: You can spend hours in a souvenier shop without spending a dime!!

Vegas Life Lesson #6: Don't get upset when you see a celebrity only to find out they are just a cardboard cut-out.

Vegas Life Lesson #7: In Vegas you do NOT have to keep your mind out of the's impossible... (I apologize if these pictures offend anyone, and if they do.. please don't go to Vegas)

Vegas Life Lesson #8: If you get bored in Vegas it's your own fault. There are plenty of extra curricular activities.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Social D

Social Distortion is my most favorite band. I decided that if they ever came in concert we were going no matter what. One day as I was browsing online I noticed that they were going to be on tour! Hooray!! And where were they starting this tour? Salt Lake City of course. It was a sign...

You may find yourself asking "who is Social Distortion?" Well scroll down to my music player and click on one of their songs, if it's not on one already. Yes... this is bliss to your ears I know.

This is an action shot of us on our way to SLC to meet up with Cory, Nate and Lisa. After searching for Apollo Burger for an hour.. we ate what would make us all very sick later on and headed for The Great Salt Air.

It was a fun night of laughing at people's outfits, watching the too crazy's get thrown out, enjoying hanging out with each other and listening to some sick music. Thank you Mike Ness for putting on an excellent show!

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