Thursday, April 15, 2010

Word on the slopes...

I am sad that this ski season is coming to an end. There has been a lot of good times this year with friends and family. And lots of sick pow pow!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Bathroom Makeover :)

After being in our house six years now and slowly making little changes here and there... we couldn't stand the ugly linoleum in the bathrooms any more! My awesome brother Nate came down here to embark on a project that he had no idea what it entailed! he he he...

We decided to tear out our shower insert and do a tile shower. It sounds simple right? That's what we all thought! We ended up with re-insulating, sheetrocking, drywalling etc.

Nate ended up with a heck of a lot more than he bargained for, but we ended up with two beautiful bathrooms!! We are so happy with how the shower and floors turned out. If anyone needs a good tile guy... Nate is awesome! :)

The master bath..

and guest bath...

Although it was a bigger project than we imagined, it was time well spent hanging out with Nate.
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