Sunday, October 31, 2010

Social D

Social Distortion is my most favorite band. I decided that if they ever came in concert we were going no matter what. One day as I was browsing online I noticed that they were going to be on tour! Hooray!! And where were they starting this tour? Salt Lake City of course. It was a sign...

You may find yourself asking "who is Social Distortion?" Well scroll down to my music player and click on one of their songs, if it's not on one already. Yes... this is bliss to your ears I know.

This is an action shot of us on our way to SLC to meet up with Cory, Nate and Lisa. After searching for Apollo Burger for an hour.. we ate what would make us all very sick later on and headed for The Great Salt Air.

It was a fun night of laughing at people's outfits, watching the too crazy's get thrown out, enjoying hanging out with each other and listening to some sick music. Thank you Mike Ness for putting on an excellent show!

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