Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hot Fun in The Winter Sun

A few months ago a few of us were speculating at work about fun winter activities that would also keep us in shape. We got talking about going snow shoeing, winter runs and mini triathalons. As fun as these plans are that we make, most often we don't seem to follow through.

However! The next week I noticed in my Costco coupons they had snow shoe sets on for $80. No way!! So Jayne and I ordered them up and we rounded up the girls and set a date to go play...

Our group consisted of Jayne:



and Me of course:

With the four of us, this was no boring adventure. Once we finally got our equipment figured out we explored the area and roasted in our over prepared outfits. We found abandoned and ransacked trailers,random sleds left behind, outhouses, etc.

After a super steep incline we managed to configure with our snow shoes a successful way to slide on our butts back down the super steep incline. Props go to Brook who figured it out the best and tried to run me over at full speed.

We ended the day with lunch and laughs. Can't wait until next time!

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