Thursday, March 24, 2011

San Funsisco!

It happened. I somehow got Trevor on vacation. Look how happy he was about it....

and we didn't just go to some low key place...we went to San Fransisco.

I knew it was going to be an interesting trip with Trevor and Josh's quirky comments and certain phobias. And Trevor proved me right by gawking at the guy across the aisle from us the entire flight.

My sister in law, Hailie, has an awesome Uncle who let us stay at his home with him and his cute little doggie Quirk. It was interesting to see how the houses are laid out, or up rather, in San Fransisco. The view from Dennis' home was spectacular!! If only my camera would have done the view justice!

The first day we set out for some landscape sight seeing. We stopped and got some liquid energy and then proceeded to drive North across the Golden Gate Bridge, up the coast along some very winding roads. Other than being incredibly car sick it was a beautiful drive!

We decided to pull off onto a road that had a look out over the ocean. This seemed to be a great idea at the time. However, it had been raining sooooo much that we were pretty much driving through a stream when BAM!!! We hit a huge pothole (we think) and the great liquid energy we had purchased to drink, we now were wearing...and so was the rental car! Oooppps!

The next part of our adventure was Point Reyes. Normally people watch for whales at Point Reyes, Hailie and I found the cows more fascinating.

There was a great lighthouse there. Please note the stairs down to the lighthouse. Before your jump to the conclusion that vacations are all about fun and relaxation.. keep in mind we had to hike back up these stairs (all 338. yes, for real) which were equivalent to Hailie and I almost PUKING.

Our next stop? The beautiful Muir Woods.

That evening Hailie had tickets to a popular musical in downtown. While I found it strange, but interesting... Trevor was not at all amused. He mouthed the words "What the heck" as soon as the play started. Just to give you all a preview....

The next day we spent at fishermans wharf. We shopped, rode the trolley cars, and most importantly.. had clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl!

We also stopped by Ghirradeli Square where Trevor and I bought $20 worth of chocolate and I learned an important lesson: You can take hot rods away from the girl, but you can't keep the girl away from the hot rods.

Other sights from San Fran:

It was a short but sweet vacation. And remember that pothole? Turns out it scratched the bumper on the rental car... and that topped off the weekend and Josh and Hailies insurance!
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