Saturday, July 23, 2011

These Keen's are made for hikin'...and that's just what they'll do!

I love hiking. There is nothing like seeing what is hidden around you and you feel like you're on top of the world when you can look all the way across the valley.

My friend Charise and I, after much hesitancy, finally convinced ourselves to go hike the C-trail and now have become hiking fools!

There have been a couple of other hiking pals that I've been able to hike with this summer... but none that can gab quite like Charise and I!

The C-trail was of course our first defeat. The first week we got close to the top, but were not aware how close! The next week we decided we were going to conquer that beast, and after 5 hours of hiking we did! Luckily there were some nice scout masters at the bottom who made their scouts get us some water. We must have looked like we were dying.

Then there was the Blowhard trail! Beautiful and green with great views of Cedar the name you would never guess that.

I also did this hike with Ned, my co-worker, one evening. It was fun and he even brought snacks :)

(way to adhere to the sign Ned! I'd hate for you to just have to close the gate after you went through it...)

Kanarra Falls Hike. Wow should about describe it, but if you must have details... it is like hiking in the desert and rainforest all at the same time. It is all around amazing! I hiked this one with one of my cute x-ray students, Kelli.

And the Razorback trail! This one is as adventurous as they come! On this particular day we ended up hiking pretty much the full length of Cedar. Up and down, this way and that! It was a blast!


Ball Lightning said...

Yay hiking! One of my favorite things to do as well! Great post. Wish I was doing more of that this year.

Kasey said...

You're crazy. And obviously very fit. Good job!

Jason and Lacee said...

One of these days I will go with you...if we ever have a day off at the same time!! I love to hike too!

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