Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bonneville or Bust!

This August the gang (Dad, Cory, Nate, Lisa, and me) headed up to Bonneville Speed Week!
We met up with our some of our most favorite people in the world, The Hansen's: Steve, Carrie, and Seth
Salt, Sun, and Hot rods everywhere you look! Pretty much heaven on earth! Bonneville is like being in another world... can drive where ever you want and as fast as you want.. (this is Seth's truck and guess who got to drive it?!? Oooo! Me!)
...a place where you ride your bike right alongside the traffic and have a conversation with the person driving next to you (ahem! Papa John)..
...where you have a front row seat at the take off line, or stand right in between the race cars as they take off
...the place hot rodders tell you to quit lookin' at their ride and to jump on in!
...the place where you get sunburned from the above and below...'s a place that you're amazed that someone can actually fall asleep?
Most importantly it's a place you can enjoy friends & family, beautiful cars, and be in awe . Can't wait for Speed Week 2012!!!

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Kasey said...

Your dad always had a special talent for falling asleep anywhere...

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