Friday, June 22, 2012

Rat Finkin' 2012!

Another super fun year at the Rat Fink Reunion in Manti!  The weather was hot but the cars were hotter!

This year I talked Lisa and Kyle (Nate's buddy) into running the Rat Fink 5k.

  I thought it sounded like a great idea at the time.  The race started and it was hot and uphill! I thought I was going to kill over a few times!

Lisa hadn't ran since high school so she was a little nervous.  She ran the whole thing without stopping and took 1st in her age group!  Nice work Lis!  She got a sweet pinstriped toilet seat... yes that's right!

Kyle also rocked the 5k and ended up 1st in his age group as well. He won a pinstriped machete! How awesome is that?!

That night we camped at Palisade State Park.


We were all famished after running and the fact that it was 10:30 at night by the time we got to camp!  We creatively made and ate our dinner and then sat around the picnic table while Nate and Papa John put their artistic talents to work by lanterns.

When I jumped into my sleeping bag that night I squealed as I realized there was something in my sleeping bag. Much to my surprise and relief it was this:

Not this:
The culprit?  Sweet little Adrian who we all thought was playing quietly in the rocks...   well he was indeed!

Saturday was the good ol' car show!

Can't wait until next June!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bahama Honey's

Let me introduce to you the Hotshot Honey's. The Honey's are a group of the wives and girlfriends of the Cedar City Hotshots, a wildland fire crew. The name started as our bowling league name, and if you must know we gave up on the league after one week :)

Our group includes Lea Betty,

Amy Nicholes,

Stacy Michaelsen,

and yours truly!

....and Pammy Cakes Allen who wasn't able to vacate with us :/

We decided over a year ago that we would go on a Hotshot Honey cruise! When it finally arrived it was hard to believe because it had always been so far in the future!
Stacy picked us up on Sunday (the boys got home the night before we left... of course) and off we were to Vegas in our matching shirts!

We took a red eye flight from Vegas to LA, then onto Miami. I managed to wake up with my head on a strangers shoulder and his head on mine. Um awkward! But it was all better when I offered him some gum.

We got into Miami early and went exploring and goofed off...

The minute we got on the ship we didn't bother checking it all out, we went straight to some lounge chairs and took ourselves the first of many random naps in random locations.

At our dinner table there was a couple from San Fransisco, Robert and Nichole and Robert's mother Janette? She was from England and so cute! They quickly became our good friends and excursion guru's!

The girls quickly found out that I not only talk in my sleep, I also stare...

The next day we were at sea all day. So what did we do? A whole lot of nothing!!! We slept in late, got our bathing suits on and went back to sleep, this time in the sun! Of course there was some swimming and eating in between naps.
We also checked out the comedians and acted like dorks all day...

That night was our dress up night.

One of the photographers loved flirting with us gals. We heard things like: "get on the floor like you did last night baby" and "penetrate! ...I mean concentrate!" Bye the time we got done with all the crazy positions he had us in... we had an audience who gave us a round of applause.

1st Stop: Grand Turk!
This place was beautiful!!

We didn't have very long at this port so we did a little bit of shopping, then hung out at a sweet pool that was connected to Margaritaville,

where we ate lunch before heading back to the ship.

Then back to the ship for some more food!!

Stop #2 Half Moon Cay!

To get to this private island we had to take a boat....

and it was on this boat that we learned something very, very important.....

Wow!! Crystal clear, bright blue water... we had arrived in paradise...

We spent the entire day either playing in the water or walking along the beach gathering shells. We met a lot of people from the ship. We explored the island a little... but mostly we were trying to find the pirates who had abandoned their ship!
Stacy and I wanted to practice our patient care skills so we can apply to the first aid clinic on Half Moon Cay.
back on board for more dining bliss!!

Stop #3 Nassau.
When we were eating breakfast Nassau looked just as beautiful as the other two stops.

When we got off the boat however, it wasn't so beautiful. The locals are everywhere haggling you to buy this, I'll take you here, let me tell you why you need this tour... and how about some weed?!


When our wandering around town was getting a little sketchy....

We decided to give in to the guided tour.
Our guide told us a lot of interesting things about the Island and the people who reside there.

 We stopped at Fort Fincastle

and the Queen's Staircase.

He then took us out to Atlantis.
It was a beautiful resort... I couldn't believe we were on the same island!!

The next and final stop was the beach. The short time we were there we mostly gathered shells while Stacy played in the water.

That night we thanked our waiter the best way we knew how to...

he told us to quit teasing him and kiss him for real!

It was hard to say goodbye to the Bahamas, but I feel lucky to have visited that part of the world to see how beautiful it was!
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