Friday, June 22, 2012

Rat Finkin' 2012!

Another super fun year at the Rat Fink Reunion in Manti!  The weather was hot but the cars were hotter!

This year I talked Lisa and Kyle (Nate's buddy) into running the Rat Fink 5k.

  I thought it sounded like a great idea at the time.  The race started and it was hot and uphill! I thought I was going to kill over a few times!

Lisa hadn't ran since high school so she was a little nervous.  She ran the whole thing without stopping and took 1st in her age group!  Nice work Lis!  She got a sweet pinstriped toilet seat... yes that's right!

Kyle also rocked the 5k and ended up 1st in his age group as well. He won a pinstriped machete! How awesome is that?!

That night we camped at Palisade State Park.


We were all famished after running and the fact that it was 10:30 at night by the time we got to camp!  We creatively made and ate our dinner and then sat around the picnic table while Nate and Papa John put their artistic talents to work by lanterns.

When I jumped into my sleeping bag that night I squealed as I realized there was something in my sleeping bag. Much to my surprise and relief it was this:

Not this:
The culprit?  Sweet little Adrian who we all thought was playing quietly in the rocks...   well he was indeed!

Saturday was the good ol' car show!

Can't wait until next June!


Kasey said...

Pinstriped toilet seat? What are you trying to do, make us all jealous?

Punky Pollock's said...

if you knew how much it was worth you would be jealous! :)

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